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Climate change and agriculture 23.03.2018

Irina Nikolaieva and Anna Lenko, specialists of Ecoplatform, LLC, were taking part in an international scientific and practical conference "Climate change and agriculture. Challenges for Agrarian Science and Education ", held on March 13-14, 2018 at the Scientific and Methodological Center "Agro-Education".
The main purpose of the conference was to constructively highlight climate change issues and discuss measures to address this situation. The event gathered more than 100 participants, among them were representatives of FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization), Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environmental Protection, NAAS of Ukraine, Ukrgidrometcentre, State Committee for Procurement, foreign embassies and agrarian universities.
Irina Nikolaieva presented a report on "Opportunities for participation in international scientific projects", telling where and how to find technical and financial support for scientific and/or business ideas on climate change and adaptation to agriculture. Also, information was provided on individual internship programs and resources to support a variety of research activities.
All the conference materials can be viewed at this link (in Ukrainian).
News about the event on the Government portal (in Ukrainian).

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