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Why Ukraine? 21.06.2014


Tailing facilities problem is important today because of the presence of the large number of large-tonnage TMF in Ukraine. The vast majority of these objects was created over 50 years ago, without complying the basic rules of environmental safety.

The usual practice of building industrial TMF was using ravines, gullies, small rivers, partitioned off with dams. The bottom and sides of these TMF has not waterproof screens. These TMF are a source of pollution of rivers and groundwater. Around the large TMF groundwater of near-surface horizons are contaminated in the area of hundreds of square kilometers.

It should be noted that similar situation exists in other countries of the CIS and Eastern Europe. Accidents on such objects have already led to catastrophic situations in a number of European rivers and cause significant environmental damage to water reservoirs and the threat to the safety of population.

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