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TSFs located in the Dniester River Basin: inventory results presented at Basin Council meeting 13.12.2019


The inventory results of Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs) located in the Dniester River Basin were presented on December 13, 2019 on the Dniester Basin Council meeting in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Today, there are 32 TSFs in the Dniester River Basin, containing ~160 million tons of waste from the oil and gas, energy and chemical industries.

During the presentation Iryna Nikolaieva, Head of Ecoplatform and OSCE Consultant, focused the attention of TSF operators and state authorities on recommended urgent measures to improve the safety of the investigated objects in order to prevent transboundary emergencies.


She thanked all colleagues from the Basin Council for their genuine interest in project results and support in promoting the issue at the regional / local levels.


The joint search for ways to implement priority recommendations is currently underway.


The TSF inventory is performed under the GEF project "Enabling Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management in the Dniester River Basin", implemented by OSCE.

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