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Working meeting on the Boryslav environmental situation 12.07.2019


As a part of industrial waste management study in the Dniester River basin, GEF project experts initiated the meeting in the Boryslav town council (Lviv region) to discuss the oil product pollution of the Tysmenytsya River.

The Boryslav oil field mining counts a 200 year history. The city was built directly over the mine workings and intended as a satellite city of the oil and gas industry. About 150 years ago mining was carried out "manually". As a result, today there are about 20 thousand pits (oil wells) of that times. 300 of them have been identified and some have been brought to a safe state. All such pits require the implementation of decommission measures.


The participants also visited the places of oil natural seepage to the surface near the Tysmenytsia River. Such oil seepages fill the whole territory of the Boryslav oil field and the city. They are additional sources of soil and water bodies' pollution.


The meeting on July 12, 2019 brought together the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukranine and the Dniester River Basin Authority representatives, heads of the Boryslav Town Council and GEF project experts. The participants discussed the proposals for possible steps towards reducing the oil products pressure on the Dniester River basin water bodies. These issues require a tripartite dialogue between the central and local authorities, territorial water management bodies and local business. Such dialogue shall unite the parties' efforts in order to attract technical assistance from countries with similar experience. The public meetings of the Dniester River Basin Council may be used as a platform for such discussions. The basin council includes both representatives of central and local authorities, and water users, scientists and public activists.


The meeting results will be sent to the central authorities and local business in order to jointly address the Boryslav environmental situation associated with the long-term oil industry.


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