Ecoplatform is a union of
environmental safety experts

Environmental audit is one of the effective mechanisms for detecting the non-compliance with Ukrainian environmental legislation of the enterprises’ activities. It promotes environmental safety by identifying the cause of occurrence and development of recommendations and measures to address these inconsistencies. The legal and organizational basics for an environmental audit are defined by the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Audit”.

Ecoplatform specialists have many years of professional experience in the field of environmental audit. The head of the company is a certified environmental auditor of Ukraine, a member of the NGO “Environmental Auditors Union” and has a scientific degree of PhD on the environmental audit topic.

A method of express audit to perform the environmental audits of various enterprises is the personal achievement of experts association. It was developed in 2009, presented at the Congress of Environmental Auditors of Ukraine and is used by many practicing auditors and companies in Ukraine.

Combining theoretical knowledge of environmental legislation and practical experience, the Ecoplatform experts are engaged in teaching activities - conduct lectures and trainings on environmental audit process for university students and environmental experts at advanced training courses.

More than 40 obligatory and voluntary environmental audits of various industrial enterprises are performed, including the following sectors and type of activities.


Mining industry (more than 20 objects):

  • extraction of gold and copper-containing ore enterprises (Georgia, voluntary environmental audit)

  • extraction and enrichment of coal
  • mining processing plants
  • extraction of iron ore
  • extraction of decorative and building stone

Power industry

(11 objects):

  • thermal power plants and distribution networks
  • waste incineration plant

Processing industry

        enterprises producing the following

(4 objects):

  • building and steel constructions
  • electricity distribution and control equipment, galvanic elements
  • precious metals
  • manufacture of other fabricated metal products

       metallurgical industry enterprises

(3 objects):

  • production of iron, steel and ferroalloys

       chemical industry

(4 objects):

  • cement plant
  • engineering facilities for wastewater treatment at the chemical industry
  • production of non-metallic mineral products
  • production of chemical products for industrial purposes

Environmental audit of cities


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