Ecoplatform is a union of
environmental safety experts
Experts association is engaged in research activities on improvement of environmental audit procedures and analysis of the impact of industrial waste storage facilities on the environment. Having thoroughly analyzed the practice of conducting environmental audits, the company's experts developed their own methodology for carrying out an environmental express audit with a comprehensive consideration of the specifics of facilities recommended for use by the Union environmental auditors of Ukraine.
The specialists have a number of publications in professional publications and numerous presentations with the presentation of their own developments at various national and international meetings, scientific conferences, seminars.
The platform experts also has the experience of organizing and conducting various scientific and practical events: international meetings, round tables, meetings and seminars, as well as site visits for practical training on environmental auditing owned enterprises. Main tasks of such events are an effective exchange of opinions and obtaining authoritative assessments from the expert community - practitioners, lawyers, technical specialists, government officials or foreign colleagues.
While carrying out a number of research works for the National Mining University, Ecoplatform studied the Ukrainian legislation on waste management in the extractive industry and the implementation of European requirements for regulating the direction of safety of industrial waste storage facilities, as well as tailing dump safety issues in training courses for training ecologists in Ukraine.
Scientific, research and methodological materials developed with participation of  associtation experts:
  • Methodology for a comprehensive assessment of the safety of multi-tonnage liquid industrial waste storage facilities. 
  • Summary of the ash dump of a thermal power plant as an object of approbation of the aforementioned Methodology. 
  • Analysis of the compliance of Ukrainian legislation with the requirements of the Directive 2006/21/EC on waste management of the extractive industry and the roadmap for its implementation in the context of improving the safety of tailing dumps. 
  • Database and online map of tailings storage facilities of Ukraine
  • Technical electronic course on tailings  storage facilities safety in Ukraine
  • Recommendations for improving the safety management system of tailings storage facilities in Ukraine

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